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DIRECTV Anywhere


  • Bulk services – generally 50-75% less cost than retail!
  • Digital signal delivered 99.9% of the time, unaffected by weather
  • Over 350 channels available
  • Over 200 HD Channels
  • HD included at no extra cost
  • HDDVR and Whole Home Service
  • Watch DIRECTV on any device!
  • Exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket and more!


Satellite Star will custom tailor your internet needs

  • Delivery available via Ethernet
  • Speeds starting at 20 Mbps with options to upgrade
  • Wireless delivery to common areas, including lobbies, business centers, and pool decks
  • Complimentary service to management office

Rewiring Communities

Buildings built before the mid-nineties are likely to have older RG-59 coax cable & Cat3 telephone lines which by today's standards, are obsolete. 

Because RG59 will not properly carry an HD signal and because HD has become the industry standard with DIRECTV leading the way, residents will eventually lose access or have reliability issues.  Likewise, CAT3 is outdated and no longer the standard for delivering high-speed internet.  

If your community is older, it may be time to bring it into the 21st century with Satellite Star rewiring it for you.  Satellite Star has an extensive background in wiring and rewiring communities new and old.  

Call Satellite Star today to discuss updating your property with new coax and Ethernet, today!

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